Welcome to HEARTHS, where our mission and purpose is to HElp African Refugees To Help themSelves

The rEvolution of HEARTHS on Facebook


The idea for HEARThs originated in the later part of 2009, when I first met a group of 7 refugees from the Buduburam refugee camp in Ghana. I then had the good furture of having a little extra money which came to me from an intheritance, and so I helped a few of them to start two simple businesses, one selling safe drinking water, and the other a photo shop. Both of those businesses cost around $2000, and with the income of those 2 businesses, a total of 7 people were able to support themselves.

Over time I met more and more and more refugees and other people from Africa. I then realized that this project is much bigger and more comprehensive than I imagined it to be, and so I created a group on Facebook to unite all of them, and to give them a sense of home and community:https://www.facebook.com/groups/helpingafricanrefugees2helpthemselves/

As of today we have 243 members from all across Africa, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Gambia, Kenya, Uganda und Togo. Most of them are extremeloy poor refugees, but we also have other members such as pastors, musicians, artists, those who run orphanage homes, and others who operate their own organizations.

Almost daily we conduct group meetings on Facebook to inspire and empower others with the philosophy of HEARTHS, even with almost no budget. My main contribution, other than the occasional financial assistance is that I give my time and care to our members, which is needed almost as much, if not more than help with money.

People in our group are starved for positive attention, love and guidance, especially those poor orphan children who have lost their parents during the war. Without anybody to care for them, it is definitely a blessing to them to be part of such a group, but at the same time it is also difficult to keep our group going without and donations and the help of any sponsors.

We existed for many years now without being an official organization, without a budget and support from any other sponsors, but we are hoping that as everyone in our group will begin to contribue their own time and efforts for the benfit of the entire group, that we will develop over time into a wonderful human rights organization which will be able to help many people all across Africa.

Aside from trying to become a place for people to get help with their essential needs such as food, medicine, health care and housing, HEARTHS is also a school which is trying to help the refugees and other needy Africans understand that they are not helpless, even though they are extremely poor,but that they can learn to help themselves by developing and untilzing their own abilities, and that they can to work with other refugees, that they can unite and to organize their efforts with others.

This is the idea behind the HEARThs group, a movement of self-help for refugees and other needy Africans.

To help us in and during this process we can appreciate your creative ideas, time, your support, encouragement, and especially your love.

If you are also on Facebook and would like to join our group you can do this by clicking on the following link https://www.facebook.com/groups/helpingafricanrefugees2helpthemselves/


We at HEARTHS believe that from the love in our hearts we can change our world.




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