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HEARTHS meeting on July 8 2017

Written and posted by Peter Conmue Yarkollie of HEARTHS
The Meeting began at the hour of 1:55pm.
1.Opening prayer. By Sister Victoria Young.
2. Welcome Remark. By Mr. Fitz Matthews
Mr. Matthews welcome the body present and thanked them for coming and also urged them to contribute meaningfully toward the discussion of items on the agenda. He also cautions every member against disturbance and asked them to observe all parliamentary rules.
3. Self-introduction
The presiding officer of the day in person of the Chairman Mr. George W. Togbah opened self-introduction and was followed subsequently by every member present by calling of first and last names.
4. Reading of last meeting minute.
Brother Junior Johnson read the minute of the last meeting. The Chairman asked the audience of there was anything said in the previous meeting that not recorded or if there was something recorded that was said so that correction can be made. Everybody concord with the reading of the last meeting minutes after which the main items on the agenda that day were put on the table for discussion.
5. How to get online members to attend meeting. This item was first main items that were discussed, which lasted for about 15 minutes.
The Chairman presented to the body as to how we can get those members online to start attending meeting.
Sister Victoria Young said; “we should use the same means by which they use to communicate with the C E O and ask them to come to the meeting”.
Brother Jimmy said; “we should get their Telephone numbers and send them text message informing them the Date, Time and Venue of the meeting”.
Another brother whose name was not captured said that we should tag them to every communication that is post online concerning the meeting.
6. Continuation of appointments
The Chairman continued with his appointments of some officials and Executives of the group. Those appointed are as followed:
i. Sister Victoria Young- Chair of Membership Committee
ii. Brother Jimmy- Co-chair- Sports and Entertainment Committee
iii. Brother Nathan Kaifunbah- Co-chair- Education
iv. Brother Archive Monger – Assistant Financial Secretary for Procurement
v. Sister Pinky Wilson- Assistant Secretary for Administration
vi. Mr. Fitz Matthews and brother Junior Johnson were also appointed as members of HEARTHS registration Committee to help along with the Chairman.
7. Registration of the Group (HEARTHS)
The second most important items on the agenda was the registration of HEARTHS. The Chairman said that he has been in communication with the C E O concerning the registration process and procedures. He also assured the body that Mr. Christoph Ebert is thinking in the same direction as to how the group can be registered in Ghana in order to operate as a legal entity because no organization or group can work effectively without be legal with the relevant authorities in the country within it operates.
8 . A O B
On the A O B which was the number eight item on the agenda, the Chairman asked members who have not been given positions to keep their fingers crossed. That there are still various posts that people will be appointed. He also urged all members to try and post in the group and make comment on discussion of matters arising from meetings. He said doing so will appeal to the conscience of the C E O and sympathizers of the group.

Mother Helen said appealed to the Chairman for training or members and Executives on how to communicate the Aims and Objective of the group to the C E O because no group can progress without members and Executive knowing how to communicate properly to one another and also to those at the top. She also added that there should be a membership Identification Card registration which will help to identify all members.
Another matter that was brought under the A O B was Brother Aaron’s issue. Mr. Fitz said that He will be taking Brother Aaron to the Hospital on the 24th of July 2017.
Brother Jimmy asked; “my issue came up and Shine Shine came up and said that members of the group should contribute, knowing fully well that we are refugees and nobody is working and no one came up and refute his statement and now Brother Aaron’s leg issue is on hand and the C E O is asking every member to help contribute towards it, what are we to do about this”?
In answer to this, The chairman said the problem with the group is communication. If issues arise, every member should try their best and comment so that the matter can be discussed and addressed once and for all. He also said that Mr. Christoph Ebert knows that we are refugees and are not working, therefore we are not able to help our brother to send him to the hospital.

Brother Mulbah Moyour Said; “Until later, I will not join the group. The issue of training had been discussed before in this very meeting and nothing has been done about it. Every organization has rules and regulations that govern its members. The reason it I not happening is because people are given positions which they cannot perform”.
Brother Christopher Flomo Said; “ HEARTHS membership is growing every meeting day than other big organization or group on the camp. We need to get a set of computer with internet modem at the meeting to help those members who do not have access to internet phone be able to make comment on discussions from the meetings”.
9. Adjournment
The meeting was adjourn to the 29th July, 2017
10. Closing Prayer
Sister Victoria Young



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