Welcome to HEARTHS, where our mission and purpose is to HElp African Refugees To Help themSelves

HEARTHS meeting May 13 2017 in Ghana




 Opening prayer…………………………………………………………………………………..
 Welcome remark
 Reading of past meeting minutes
 Self-introduction
 Special remark
 Launching of HEARTHS GHANA
 Opening of bank account
 Way forward (what project can we come up with to benefit members of hearths Ghana and the community
 A.O.B.
 Closing prayer
 Refreshment

The meeting agenda was read by Aaron Zour and seconded by Marie Bouye; our welcome remark which was done by Tex Terry Tarpeh encouraging members to feel free. Our self-introduction was done by HEARTHS Ghana members and visitors.

Special remark was done by our Africa director shine shine; he briefs us about the founding of HEARTHS in 2009 by our visionary Mr. Christoph Ebert; he also talked to us about the vision of making HEARTHS a word wide organization. The vision which states about its humanitarian works which is aim for the people to help themselves, encourage us on love, purpose and service, elaborating to the members that christoph encourages us to have love and be humbles. Our director furthermore talked about education (on a scholarship program to be held).our director talked about the seriousness of the members by the means of education; later our chairman George talked about empowering people in an educational field through the cooperation of the members.

Launching of HEARTHS Ghana was done by our chairman George Togbah. By launching this unique group and making it known through workshop, games and some refreshment which will be done this month (May 27, 2017)

Our chairman talked about opening account for HEARTHS Ghana which will raised funds and become a beneficial to our group.

Way forward was a forum discussion among members of HEARTHS Ghana on their views toward the projects of HEARTHS. Willimena Wallace stated her view about education for the youth; our brother Aaron Zour also talked about education. Among members of HEARTHS Ghana talked about helps; alexander sonpon talked about education project. Estella chea talked about assistance of single parents. Our brother Robert Duah made emphasis on the project of making the environment clean; and extending helps to non-members if there is a need.

It was a general discussion among members of HEARTHS Ghana. Committee was the base topic talked about. It came to the mind and attention of the leadership, by training members of HEARTHS Ghana it will give them tasks which also improve members love through moving HEARTHS forward.

A member asked a question “if HEARTHS Ghana is for Liberian?” our chairman makes him to understand that HEARTHS aim focus is not only for Liberians but African as well. And members were told that no help will be given personally but through the chairman. They also talked about jimmy issues about helping the members and give courage for members to be free and explain the needs to our chairman.

Jameseta asked if hearths is a charity or NGO organization which was explained by our chairman by been a non-governmental organization, she also emphasized about the organization of HEARTHS stating that it becomes a documented organization by members going through the chairman not by talking personally with christoph. She stated that the launching of HEARTHS Ghana be postpone by putting things in order. Partnership suggestion was also stated.

It was done by our chairman; he encouraged members to restate everything said in the meeting through the group official page.

Closing prayer was done by Estella Chea.

By members

Everybody present ate and was satisfied.

Prepared by: Emmanuel Seequeh


1. George Togbah Jr.
2. Emmanuel Seequeh
3. Shine Shine
4. Martha Lackay
5. Rohan Daniels
6. Estella Chea
7. Patricia Walter
8. Aaron Zour
9. Robert Juwle Duah
10. Tex Terry Tarpeh
11. Willimena Wallace
12. Victoria Young
13. Marie Bouye
14. Sara Elizabeth Mathis
15. Johnissa Ines Thorpe
16. Raham Johnson Junior
17. Alexander Sonpon
18. Archie Leo Monger
19. Myers Senna
20. Amosline Chayee
21. Moses Kolowo
22. Shanda Bartee
23. Carmila Kolowo
24. Rutherford Bill Smith
25. Ransford Bill Smith
26. Levi Gwee
27. Titus Wisdom Thorpe
28. Marco Bla
29. Jamesetta Gboyah
30. Hennrietta Johnson
31. Jennifer Izeona Thorpe
32. Praise Keller
33. Young Abbaz
34. Edwin Cooper
35. James Mart
36. Varney Ranking
37. Arthur Barclay
38. Matthew Kangar
39. Uybz Kapalo Kantel
40. Princess Karmo



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