Welcome to HEARTHS, where our mission and purpose is to HElp African Refugees To Help themSelves

HEARTHS meeting on the 29th of April

Buduburam Refugee Camp, Gomoa Distract, Central Region, Ghana
Saturday, April 29,2017


 Opening prayer jimmy Gibson
 Welcome remark Tex T. Tarpeh
 Self-introduction Attendence
 Purpose of meeting ferdinard Zour
 Reading and adoption of past meeting minutes Emmanuel Seequeh
 Word from the chairman HEARHTS GH George Wilfred Togbah Jr.
 Special speaker Mr. Fifty Matthews
 Questions from the attendance the attendance
 A.O.B.
 Closing prayer raham Johnson Jr.
 Refreshment the attendance
April 29, 2017, at the famous LISA-Ghana office near the Buduburam United Methodist Church; called to order by HEARTHS Ghana chairman George Wilfred Togbah Jr; followed by reading of meeting agenda by Tex Terry Tarpeh who read the agenda of the meeting , and the chairman move that a motion be raised and Micah Younpoweh raised a motion and it was accepted by Mr. Fitz Matthew Jr, and seconded by Ferdinard Zour.

Jimmy Dixon carried on the opening prayer doing HEARTHS Ghana last meeting of the month of April. He prayer that the spirit of love, understanding, mutual respect, care and unity be among members of HEARTHS, and he also prayer for the present of God that what will be discussed at the meeting be satisfactory to the attendance and our CEO/.founder and other who will listen or go through the discussion.

Tex Terry Tarpeh welcomes the people at the meeting, and urged everyone present to feel free and be part of the discussion. he further told them that HEARTHS Ghana appreciate their present and it will be a wonderful and great thing to see them always at our meeting; and their participation about the moving forward of this unique group will be highly appreciate. They were thanks for coming.

This time around, purpose of the HEARTHS Ghana meeting was done by Ferdinard Zour. He told members and first comers at the meeting that members and people residing on the refugee camp meet two times every month to discuss important issues about HEARTHS and HEARTHS Ghana. They were also told that Saturday meeting was to let members and people that were invited by the executives, members of HEARTHS/HEARTHS Ghana, etc. what this unique and well organized facebook group was all about. They were informed that current issues on ground and things to be done were to be discussed as well.


After our brother and friend of HEARTHS Ghana got through with the purpose of the meeting, Emmanuel Seequeh, a kid residing on the Buduburam Refugee camp was given the chance to read the past meeting report that was held on Saturday, March 25, 2017.

He read the entire report and the attendance applauded him for his great talent displayed.

Our chairman told members and people present about HEARTHS, and he made it clear that the name HEARTHS means HELPING AFRICAN REFUGEE TO HELP THEMSELVES. He made them to understand that the group is about showing love, care, respect, and rendering services to each other as well as humility.

He told the gathering that our CEO/founder has a good mind toward refugee on our unique continent. He had been a great help to refugees in Africa and have the willingness to be a great help to them continuously. Everybody present at the meeting was encouraged by the chairman that their contribution through posting on our HEARTHS page and their comments will be appreciated as we all are in the constant habit talking with our dynamic CEO/founder Mr. Christoph Ebert.

He also told them that HEARTHS have the intention of empowering refugees and poor people on the continent so that they will be able to do things for themselves, but all of these will be center around love, humility, services, respect and showing care for each other.

They were informed about past progresses and achievements of past leader and they were told about what order did in the past, and we are hoping that things will be good and God will blessed HEARTHS that the refugees will benefit. He talked about everybody contribution and participation in this group. He told them that everybody should feel free to contribute and give his or her thought on the group page. He said everybody view is respected and HEARTHS believed in team work not individual work.

He thanked them for their present and appreciated them for coming for our final meeting in Aprils.

Mr. Fitz Matthews Jr. a senior man at the refugee camp, and a former animal farmer on the camp. He encouraged members that when you are empowered, they are fit to battle with the struggle on our African continent. But he also said you have to be qualified for empowerment; not everybody can be empowered when he or she is not qualified for it.

He encouraged the people present to be serious and work with the group and see how things will go. He always talked on discipline, time observing, and members behaving in the right and proper way at the meeting. He told the executives, members of HEARTHS Ghana, and new comers that HEARTHS will make mark on our continent.

Ms. Willimena Wallace: wanted to know if only children can be helped and how can she contact HEARTHS?

Our chairman made her to understand that everybody can be help as long you are a refugee and a member of the group. But your participation in the group and contribution will also be appreciated. He told her that anybody can joined HEARTHS and it will be a nice thing to always talked with members of the group and talked with the CEO because he has the willingness of listening to everybody in our great group.

Abraham Banyen asked: if the group is only organized in Ghana?

Our chairman made him to understand that we have HEARTHS in Ghana, Uganda, Liberia and even our Africa director is on his way to Liberia and we trusting God that he will make the group strong there as well; and the group was founder 2009 in Germany; and the group is in other African countries.

Dennice Browne asked: when the scholarship will be coming up?

The chairman told her that HEARTHS Ghana is anticipating on scholarship but it has to be discussed among executives and the CEO/founder of HEARTHS. It is our hope that some of the refugee will be given scholarship to go back to school but it will not be this coming term which is the final term in Ghana school’s calendar.

Ferdinard Zour asked If you are not on facebook, how can you be part of the group?

Mr. George Wilfred Togbah Jr. told him that you can definitely be member of the group. He told him that HEARTHS Ghana is working out modality that we will have offline members as long you are residing on the refugee camp; but it will be very much necessary if you can be online member because everybody is needed in moving HEARTHS forward.

James asked if Mr. Ebert is the only one helping the group?

He was told by the chairman that at this time, it is bro. Chris and his mum been helping HEARTHS with some fund but we are hoping with the help of the Almighty God that those people who used to help before will come back.

He told him that we are talking to other guys who were recommended to us by our CEO and us trusting that they will have a good mindset toward HEARTHS.

Jamesetta : how can you join HEARTHS?
Her questioned was well addressed by the chairman and she understood the steps in joining HEARTHS.

Charles: how to become member of HEARTHS?
He was given the name of the group and was told how to become member of this group and always contribute by commenting and posting on our official page.

Abraham Banyen : When will be the next meeting date?
The chairman told him that the next meeting date will be announced on our page. He told them checking on the page and contributing can keep members up to date on our latest developments.

Robert J. Dueh asked what HEARTHS had achieved? And what the group is about?
His questions were well addressed by the chairman.

After the discussion and posting of questions, there was no need for other issues. It came to the mind of the executives that the messages were sent across the board.

Raham Johnson Jr. conducted the closing prayer. A powerful prayer was offered on behalf of HEARTHS to the Almighty God.

As our members are always informed about regular refreshment, a typical Liberian dish was prepared for our wonderful members and guests at the meeting. (Cassava leaves and rice along with voltic water)

Our meeting was successful.

Buduburam Refugee camp
Tel: +233240243040
Email: younpoweh1@gmail.com



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