Welcome to HEARTHS, where our mission and purpose is to HElp African Refugees To Help themSelves

HEARTHS Ghana meeting April 8 2017


Prepared by: Micah Younpoweh



Opening prayers Estella Chea
Welcome Remark Romeo C. Kai
Self- introduction Attendance
Reading and adoption of past meeting minutes Tex Terry Tarpeh
Special message from the CEO/Founder by Shine Shine
Report from the planning committee (April’s programs) Ferdinard Zour Jr.
Jimmy’s matter emergency Called
Special Speaker Mr. Fity Matthews Jr.
A.O. B. Any other business
Adjournment George W. Togbah Jr.
Closing prayer Aaron Kanneh
Refreshment the Attendance


1. George Wilfred Togbah Jr.………………………………………………… Chairman
2. Romeo C. Kai ……………………………………………………………………executive direction
3. Micah Younpoweh …………………………………………………………operational Manger
4. Shine Shine …………………………………………………………….Africa Director HEARTHS
5. Stephen B. Howard
6. Tex Terry Tarpeh
7. Emmanuel Seequah
8. Ferdinard Zour
9. Estella J. Chea
10. Johnissa T. Thorpe
11. Fity Matthews Jr.
12. Jimmy D. Gorlortor
13. Aaron K. Kanneh
14. Levi Gbarnufor Gruce
15. Blama Donzo
16. Varney Ranking
17. Emmanuel Pour
18. Raham Johnson Jr.
19. Senna Myers
20. Arthur Barclay
21. Jeremiah Browne
22. Sourah Ring
23. Abraham Sillah
24. Alkaline Baba
25. Justin Henderson
26. Bill Siaffa
27. Sianneh Anniway
28. Kapelo Barh
29. Matthew Kangar Jr.
30. Jamesetta Gboyah
31. Hennretta Fyneah
32. Winnifred Addy
33. Collettia Favour Addy
The meeting agenda was read by Micah Younpoweh and the meeting was called to order by Tex Terry Tarpeh and a motion was raised and it was accepted by Ferdinard Zour and seconded by Romeo C. Kai. It was followed by an opening prayer conducted by Ms. Estella Chea who asked the Almighty God to be with HEARTHS Ghana members and pray for unity, love, care and mutual understanding among us doing our gathering.
Romeo C. Kai did the welcome remark, where he urged new comers and members to feel free and relax to partake in HEARTHS Ghana first meeting of April. He also made them to understand that HEARTHS Ghana is a unique group that is working in the interest of the refugees. He told them to contribute to the group, and their comments online and post will be very much necessary.
Executives of HEARTHS Ghana, members and visitors introduced themselves; starting from the top executive to members and visitors. It was a great and unique thing done at the gathering of HEARTHS Ghana.
Reading and adoption of past meeting minutes was read by Tex Terry Tarpeh. He read about the discussion that was held on the 25th of March, the members present applauded when he got through with the past information.
Our Africa director, Shine Shine read the special and unique message sent from our founder/CEO; the message was so unique and understanding. After he was finished, the audience applauded him for the great and hearts touching message read.

The executives present at HEARTHS Ghana gave time to Jimmy Dixon Gorlortor to present his issue to the executives and members at the meeting.
He started by appreciating the executives and members present and said he liked the group HEARTHS and love to always be among this unique people and gathering always.
He said last Sunday, April 02, by 2am in the morning, his woman was in pain and he decided to call a midwife near his place to help him take her to the hospital, and fortunately for him, the lady was willing to help him in that direction. So they headed for the St. Gregory Catholic Clinic at the Buduburam Refugee Camp; while there, the nurses on duty that night refused to pay attention to his woman; in that process, she began bleeding seriously; fear came upon them and they were force to give him a letter of referral to the government hospital at Winneba.
When they reached at the hospital at 4:20am, the doctor and nurses tried by all mean to see to it that the lady deliver safely but there was no good means or any other methods to be applied, so they carry on a surgery, unfortunately for them, the child was dead. In the morning, the hospital began to put some pressure on him by demanding money for drugs. He had no option but to give his things in his house for collateral.
Before he could come to the camp, he contracted Micah on phone, but he was told by Micah that he was in route to service; so he told him to contact our chairman and executive director and after service he was to meet him as well.
According to him, the chairman told him that they will meet and discuss his case with the CEO/Founder to see if there will be any need for assistance.
He told members at the meeting, since he lost his parents in the deadly Ebola crisis in Liberia; he has no family that he is really depending on, when he was told about this group called HEARTHS, he was encouraged being part of the group and decided to be coming to meeting.
He also mentioned the sum of eight hundred and fifty Ghana cedis (GHC850.00) was the total money used for all the expensive. He was appealing to the executive to speak to the sponsors to help him, but since then he had not gotten any feedback.
He made mentioned of him posting two times on the general page about his situation. He concluded, if there is any means by which he can get some assistance, he will appreciate HEARTHS.

Times were also given to both executives and members present to post questions and sympathize with him. So our executive director took the floor.
HEARTHS Ghana executive direction Romeo Kai asked Jimmy how much he spent at the hospital and how he was able to leave the hospital and by what means he came from the place.
Jimmy said, he was force to collateral his television and other important things in his house in order to get some cash to leave the hospital. He told members and executive present that the amount spent doing his woman’s surgery and losing of the child is GHC850.00, but the exact amount spent at the hospital is GHC450.00 and GHC400.00 for others things.

Fity Matthews Jr. was given the floor to post questions to Jimmy as well. With experiences,, an advisor and inspiring person to youth. He asked, if the money Jimmy used at the hospital; he was talking about, if he had a receipt to that?
Jimmy said he has the receipt and even has list of other money that was spent doing his running around from the hospital to Buduburam Refugee Camp. He added that he credited money as well to transport his woman and the midwife who was with them from the beginning of everything.
HEARTHS Ghana Operational Manager Micah Younpoweh requested the receipt and he made emphasis of the said amount mention if it is true. He also added that if it will be necessary that the receipt be given to them and posted in the executive chat and the group chat as well.
Jimmy told HEARTHS Ghana members and executives present he will give the receipt to them for viewing if they need it.
Before members were given the floor to express their condolences to jimmy, our executive director Romeo Kai asked these questions again.
When is the duration for the said amount to be paid? And what is the payment schedule like? What is the name of the hospital the lady was admitted to? Jimmy gave executives and members present the name of the hospital and said he has to meet those people and see how they can arrangement about the payment of their money.

Tex Terry Tarpeh, Aaron Kanneh and other members of HEARTHS Ghana expressed their sympathies to Jimmy Dixon Gorlortor and told him to take heart and be courageous; and our God will be with him and his family continually.
Mr. Matthews acknowledged the present of HEARTHS Ghana members and welcome them for their turn up. He talked on getting the ball rolling as well.
Mr. Matthews was on live by our executive director to our CEO/Founder. He talked on the following.
 Conduct of meeting
 Members behaviors
 Time bound (respect of Schedule)
 Protection of speaker when recognized.
He told members to be obedient and discipline; and respect the present of their leaders.
And our Africa director spoke to members present and appreciated their present and urge them to contribute to the group online; their comments and posts will be very much necessary for HEARTHS growth.
Jamesetta Gboyah a first time visitor at HEARTHS Ghana meeting asked the executive how she can be a member of HEARTHS; and what HEARTHS is all about?
Our chairman George Wilfred Togbah Jr. explained to her and gave her all necessary information about our unique group HEARTHS.
Levi Gbarnukor Gruce wanted to know the executive members of HEARTHS Ghana
Our executive director introduced the current executive members to him; and made him to know that just in case of anything, they are the people to be contacted. They are the eye of HEARTHS in Ghana.

Our chairman George Wilfred Togbah Jr. adjourned the meeting to the next meeting day which will be announce on our general page; and a motion was raised and accepted by Tex Terry Tarpeh and Second by Aaron Kanneh .
Our brother and friend of HEARTHS, Aaron Kanneh did the closing prayer and prayed for our refreshment. He asked our Almighty God for the protection of HEARTHS, its executives, founder and members and he also asked our heavenly father for the unity, love, care, humility and service for our global group.
A typical Liberian dish was served and members ate and everybody was satisfied.
God blessed HEARTHS!!


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