Welcome to HEARTHS, where our mission and purpose is to HElp African Refugees To Help themSelves

Ghana HEARTHS meeting March 25 2017



Written by Micah Younpoweh, the operational manager of HEARTHS in Ghana.


Called to order by the chairman (HEARTHS GHANA)

Opening Prayer Estella Chea
Welcome Remark Tex Terry Tarpeh
Self-Introduction the Attendant
Purpose of the Meeting George Wilfred Togbah Jr.
Reading and Adoption of Past Meeting Agenda Tex Terry Tarpeh
Message From The Founder/CEO HEARTHS Ready By Romeo C. Kai
HEARTHS Ghana- April Program
Matter Arising (Special Message From HEARTHS Ghana)
A.O.B. (Any Other Business)
Closing Prayer Henrietta
Refreshment The Attendance

Meeting Attendance
1. George Wilfred Togbah Jr Chairman Hearths Ghana
2. Romeo C. Kai Executive Director Hearths Ghana
3. Micah Younpoweh Operational Manager Hearths Gh
4. Tex Terry Tarpeh
5. Shine Shine Director of Hearths Africa
6. Aaron Kanneh
7. Achie Monger
8. Raham Johnson Jr
9. Arthur Zelee
10. Vyvz Kapalo Kartel
11. Chris Brown
12. Darius D. Dahn
13. Darlinstone S. Daniels
14. Blessing Andrews
15. Nana Cexis
16. Emmanuel Seequeh
17. Daniel Scott
18. Estella Chea
19. Jimmy Dixon
20. Aaron W. Zour Jr.
21. James Nathan Kaifumbah
22. Henrietta Fyneah
23. Dennis C. Kerkulah
24. Shine Shine
25. Lincoln Abraham Massaquoi
26. Dennice D. Browne
27. Iosuma B. Constance
28. Oluwally R. Osonowe
29. Fester D. Kannah
30. Fred Momolu Special Speaker

HEARHTS Ghana reading meeting agenda was done by Micah Younpoweh and the meeting was called to order by Chairman George Wilfred Togbah Jr. and motion was raised by the chairman and Dennis Kerkulah mood that the meeting menu read be accepted ; and was seconded by Aaron W. Zour Jr.

Opening Prayer and Welcome Remark

Estella Chea conducted opening prayer during the meeting and pray that the spirit of love, and unity and understanding come among HEARTHS Ghana members. This was also following by a unique welcome remark by Tex Terry Tarpeh. Who also told members present at the meeting to feel free, and relax and contribute to HEARTHS as a group and prospective organization to hit Africa, our unique continent.

Our hardworking and dynamic chairman, and his team starting the self-introduction, and he urged the members present to mention their facebook names; and everybody were introduced by himself/herself.

Purpose of meeting
The purpose of HEARTHS Ghana meeting was addressed by Chairman George Wilfred Togbah Jr; he said the gathering was organized so that we will be able to know some of our members and also to get to know their thoughts and contribution toward HEARTHS. He encouraged HEARTHS Ghana members to work both online and offline. He told them that everybody should be part of this group and their contribution will be highly appreciated.

He told members to always post and comment in the group; it was one of the reasons that we gather to send this message across. In posting and commenting, most of our needs and challenges we are going through will be known and easily address; and it will also be a sign that HEARTHS Ghana members are working together as a team; and there is some level of love and unity among us; and everybody were encourage to be humble and sincere in doing things with HEARTHS Ghana.

Reading of past meeting agenda and menus: by: Tex Terry Tarpeh

Our last meeting in February agenda and details was read and those present got to know about most of the issues that were discussed doing the last gathering.

After the reading of the past agenda and menus, Chairman George Togbah ask if any motion was needed to be raised so that the menus read is accepted , so that it will be used in the record of HEARTHS Ghana. This was mood by Dennis Kerkulah and second by Ms. Henrietta Fyneah.

Special Message from the Founder/CEO Mr. Christoph Ebert….. Read by: Romeo C. Kai

It was a great and unique message. Everybody was touched by the message; because it was centered on love, humility, and service. After the reading of the message, there was a great applaud by HEARTHS Ghana members.

Ms. Henrietta Fyneah spoke also to members to contribute, and work together as a group. She talked on love, togetherness and helps.

Our chairman of HEARTHS Ghana added as well by encouraging members present to be part of HEARTHS; and work as a unique team and move this great group forward.

HEARTHS Ghana program (April 2017)
Chairman George Wilfred Togbah Jr., open the floor to HEARTHS Ghana members to come out with suggestions about our April program that will create awareness of our noble group; and lot of suggestions came about.

Emmanuel Seequeh spoke on organizing an inter-school quizzing completion, where students from various schools on the Buduburam Refugee Camp will partake. It will be another mean of creating awareness of HEARTHS Ghana.

Micah Younpoweh talked on sharing food (rice and other items) to refugee within the Buduburam community. He made mentioned of sharing books, pencils, pens etc to schools in the community to create some awareness of HEARTHS Ghana.

Aaron Zour Jr. also talked about older people, widows, single mothers, orphans etc. that there should also be some contribution of relief items to them. He made mention of visiting people at the clinic and prison or cell and some help to be rendered to them as well.

Raham Johnson Jr. suggested that we organize a workshop and invite people to speak to the youth and members of this group within the Buduburam refugee settlement.

Abraham suggested also on HEARTHS Ghana members going on tour in Ghana and also going on beach party and experiencing some recreation; he also take on visiting some historical sites in Ghana so that youth and people within this group will know some important things about Africa as Ghana was one of the countries many trade when on.

Dennis Kerkulah suggestion has to do with workshop, and deemed it necessary that we do the following: printing of banners with our group names, logo and motto as well. He said that will serve as a way of showing an awareness of HEARTHS Ghana and the logo and motto will serve as an identification for the group.

Aaron Kanneh suggested that organizing Easter program by donating to people in need within the community or on the refugee camp. It will serve as a great way of creating awareness for the group.

Immediately after these wonderful suggestions, our dynamic chairman set up a committee to work and champion one of these unique and wonderful suggestions that was brought about by HEARTHS Ghana members; and it will be voted upon by the committee.

Committee Structure
1. Ms. Henrietta Fyneah Chairperosn
2. Dennis Kerkulah Secretary
3. Aaron Zour Jr Member
4. Raham Johnson Member
5. Micah Younpoweh Member

Matter arising (special message from HEARTHS Ghana)
Romeo C. Kai told HEARTHS Ghana members of his present visit in the eastern region of Ghana about our brother Aaron Kanneh who was involved in a tragic accident last year; who lost one of his legs, and HEARTHS had decided to help him getting a false leg.

The message was cleared and everybody understood him and applauded him for his effort. It was climaxed by our chairman who told us to work as a team and unit to champion HEARTHS vision and mission for our unique African continent.

A.O. B. (Any Other Business)

Micah Younpoweh spoke to the HEARTHS Ghana members and executive present on education. If there will be any way that most of our members can be empower to help themselves as the name HEARTHS goes Helping African Refugee To Help Themselves. We will appreciate the HEARTHS Ghana team and our CEO and founder if they can help in empowering our members that are in need of education.

Chairman George Wilfred Togbah Jr. told the members about remedial classes that will be starting at LISA Ghana office. He encourage HEARTHS Ghana members who came from out of high school that do not have the WAEC (west Africa examination Council ) certificate to join the classes because it is one of the thing that can qualify a person to enter university in Ghana. And he told them also if they had taken it and had problem in any subject; he advised that they should be part as well. It is a unique way of promoting education, which is also center around HEARTHS vision and mission; because education is one of the greatest ways to help an individual.

Shine Shine Director of HEARTHS Africa
Shine spoke to HEARTHS Ghana members and executives and appreciated then for the progress.

Mr. Fred Momolu spoke to HEARTHS Ghana members as well. (special speaker)

A motion was raised by Chairman George Wilfred Togbah Jr. that the meeting be adjourned to the next meeting day; and it was mood by Dennis and second by Aaron Zour Jr.

Closing prayer

A powerful prayer was offered by Ms. Henrietta Fyneah for HEARTHS Ghana,

The meeting was climaxed by refreshment and everybody was served.



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