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HEARTHS meeting in Ghana on SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 2017



The following was written by George Togbah, the Chairman of HEARTHS in Ghana, and Micah Younpoweh, the Operational Manager of HEARTHS in Ghana.

? Called to order the chairman
? Opening prayers Aaron Kanneh
? Welcome Remark Tex T. Tarpeh
? Self-introduction Attendance
? Purpose of meeting Micah Younpoweh
? Special Speaker Mr. Fitay Matthew Jr
? A.O.B. (Any other Business) Attendance
? Adjournment The Executive
? Closing prayers Aaron Kanneh
? Refreshment The Attendance(s)

On Saturday February 25, 2017 HEARTHS Ghana meeting was called to order by George Togbah, the motion to receive the agenda was rise by Aaron Zour and seconded by Emmanuel Seequel. Welcome remark was done by Tex Terry Tarpeh. In his remark he called on the importance of meeting and said that we as a group need to understand our road as a group he also said that we need to show Love, Care, Concern and Unity. Self-introduction was done by the public; starting from the chairman and all members that were present introduce themselves.
Reading and adoption of past meeting menus was read by Tex Terry Acting Secretary.


Purpose of Meeting was done by Micah Younpoweh during his address he called for unity and understanding and later said that we as Leaders should try our possible best to always be able to see reason to help our group members to understand what the group HEARTHS Ghana; and also asked our members to be honest and just to the group.

After the purpose of the meeting was done; members of the group was asked to express their view and tell the executive present what they think HEARTHS Ghana can do for them to move the group in a positive direction.

Most of our brothers and sisters present made mention of education and agriculture. And we appreciated them for their view and toward this unique group. While other asked for personal helps that will make them to settle some of their problems.

As executive, we deemed it necessary to visit their views and discuss it with the top executives. There was lot of person that visit us for the first time and the chairman encourage them to join HEARTHS Ghana online so they will get a clear and prefect understanding for the group.

Mr. Matthews spoke on these things; Qualification, Commitments and Honesty. As for qualification, he told the members present to try by all mean s to get qualification through education to that they will be able to be an impart to their lives, family and community and nation.

On commitments, he told everybody present to be committed to what they are doing. He also gave examples of commitments and made mention of some of its positive effects. He encouraged the members and executives of HEARTHS Ghana to be very much committed to the group and work as a team.

On honesty, he encouraged everybody to be honest in whatever they are doing. As he said, one honest act can change the life a person; and above all they things, discipline, love, care and good upbringing were also mentioned.


During the A.O.B Micah Younpoweh advice the group members always to be very honest and trustworthy, because when we lie there are many things that happen first we lost the trust that our members and others have for us. second we can just be like a little Child in the Area we are living.

Aarom Kanneh said sometime we as human can make mistake, but when we realize our fault we should learn to extend apologies and make a change.

Aarom Zour say we should understand that we need to know many things because when we receive a little help from the group we should be very glad.

Henrietta Fyneet advice the young people to read enough about things of HEARTHS Ghana before joining it, she later called on the action of the group members to always respect their leaders and take HEARTHS Ghana meeting very serious, because it only in meeting that we as a group can really have a time to reason for a better future.

George Togbah say that it very importance for us to know our leaders by their names, because when we know them by name, it will be very easy for us as a group. He also said that we all should do our best to move the group forward.

The meeting came to an end and motion of adjournment was raised by Aaron Zour and seconded by Henrietta Fyneal.

Closing prayer was offered by Aaron Kanneh.

We had an unique and pleasant refreshment and everybody were served; and things when as we all expected it. The money that brother aaron Aanneh borrowed for his crutches was presented to him at the chairman house in the present of the executive and other members.

Those who attended were:
1. Georga Togbah Chairman HEARTHS Ghana
2. Micah Younpoweh OMD HEARTHS Ghana
3. Tex Terry Tarpeh
4. Fitay Matthew Jr
5. Emmanuel Seequeh
6. Raham Johnson Jr.
7. Aaron Kanneh
8. Aaron Ferdinard Zour
9. Jimmy Dixon
10. Henrietta Fyneah
11. Henry N Vaingar
12. Rebecca Mombo Acquaye
13. Stephanie M. Dorbor
14. Wonder Faith Dorbor
15. Hannah D. Zeonweh
16. Mary Kowo
17. Levi G. Gwee Jr.
18. Daniel D. Sayaker Jr.
19. D. Christopher Flomo
20. Danielitta Zeon
21. Blessing O. Tessance
22. Lincoln Abraham
23. Dennice D. Browne
24. Naomi A. Umah
25. Maxwell Moore




A bief video from after the meeting


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