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HEARTHS meeting on 4.2.2017

I am so very proud of the people of HEARTHS for conducting another successful meeting n the Buduburam Refugee camp:

Below are their notes and pictures from their meeting on the 4th of February 2017:

February 4, 2017
By: Micah Younpoweh

 Opening prayer…………………. Henrietta Fyneah (Member)
 Welcome remark ……………… George Togbah (Chairman HEARTHS Ghana)
 Self-introduction……………….. (member of hearths)
 Registration of hearths
 Program(s)
 Way forward
 AOB (any other business)
 Closing prayer……………….. Michael Johnson (LISA-GHANA member)
The meeting begins at 3:00pm by members of HEARHTS Ghana. Chairman George Togbah asked for a motion and Ms. Henrietta raised the motion and it was second by Bro. Romeo Kai.

Ms. Henrietta did the opening prayer followed by welcome remark by Bro. George and he told attendance about HEARTHS Ghana agenda, he also made people present at the meeting to understand what HEARTHS Ghana mission, vision and what this unique group/organization intend to do for its members and people within the environment.

Self- introduction was also by all the attendance at the meeting in LISA Ghana office by members and by the name they used on Facebook in the group. Chairman George Togbah, Executive officer Romeo C. Kai, Micah Younpoweh, Aaron Kanneh, Ms. Henrietta Fyneah, Christopher Flomo (LISA-Ghana President) Brother Abraham, and Michael Johnson etc.

Our chairman encourages the attendance about HEARTHS, and he also brief them on empowerment and help of refugee. He shared some past experiences about HEARTHS on the camp. So he made emphasis on empowerment, trust, love, integrity, and transparency and care to exist among members and the leadership of HEARTHS Ghana; and need and assistance of our brothers and sisters of HEARTHS Ghana were mentioned. He said that it will be brilliant and necessary that every help and assistance be channel through the executives of HEARTHS Ghana so that we will avoid embarrassment and contradictions.
As we all are aware of our Bro. Aaron kanneh a member of HEARTHS Ghana who was involved in a tragic accident while he went to work at a construction site and his leg was cut; he is in need of help to complete his treatment with a lady in the environment and the settlement of his balance fees at the hospital.

Bro. Aaron Kanneh was given the chance to speak at the meeting and he told members of HEARTHS Ghana and its executives that even due to present living condition he even gave his cell phone as collateral for GHC 150.00. Micah even asked him about his intention to go back to Liberia. He said it was his mother that was pressuring him to go home; due to her pressure and some trauma on his part, he was asking brother Christoph to help him return home.
The executives and members suggested that he should try by all means to address HEARTHS about his need and problems. A false leg was one of the things that also were emphasized on by everyone. We encourage our brother Aaron that we are HEARTHS and it is our hope that we will see how his problem can be address. Bro. Romeo Kai always visit him and encourages him, he was also appreciated for his kind gesture toward Aaron; and he was told to continue.

Executives and members of HEARTHS Ghana, we deemed it necessary to register HEARTHS Ghana so that it will operate as a legal organization that will work in Ghana nationwide. It is our willingness and hope that this unique organization and group be registered so that we will work with Bro. Christoph effectively. Registration will also give us the advantages and privileges that we will receive donation both internationally and locally in Ghana. Operating with a group of 240 members in Ghana, we believed registration will be very much important.
Ms. Henrietta asked if Bro. Chris was satisfied with the registration of HEARTHS Ghana. Her question was based on past experiences from other organization within the settlement; and the chairman told her that our intention is to move HEARTHS Ghana to another level that is, a highest level that will go worldwide. Aaron also agreed on the registration that it will attract HEARTHS Ghana to many people, and he also believed that Bro. Chris will also lobby for the group as well when it is registered.
The chairman asked about what can be done? That is, what types of programs or projects that can be undertaken by HEARTHS Ghana?
We talked on programs or projects of mission and vision of HEARTHS Ghana. Michael Johnson an attendance at the meeting contribution was on organizing morning devotion on campuses within the settlement; that people will go to those schools, conduct devotions and also make mention of HEARTHS Ghana. He also spoke on the March 6 celebration, that is, (Ghana independence celebration). In that light, he wanted us to organize a program but we believed on that day there will be lot of activities in Ghana.

Brother Romeo also suggested that we should have indoor Gala celebrations for schools, inter-school quizzing competition, organizing of football matches and workshop within the settlement; where we will invite speakers to talk to us.

Ms. Henrietta talked about HEARTHS Ghana sharing of Books, pencils and other material on school campuses within the settlement. If it be possible we can also visit some orphanages as well.

Bro. Romeo talked about the lady that was treating our brother and friend Aaron Kanneh, who was involved in a tragic accident. He said if there is any need that we can discussed and try for the executives to meet her and arrange on the payment of the balance money so she can continue the treatment.

Romeo also criticized the fellow who made a statement on the page of HEARTHS that he was to assist Aaron financially. The guy did that to take Christoph and other people attention from helping Aaron. Even the executive and people at the meeting was concerned since he made such remark, no one knows where he is now. We were informed that the lady is willing to continue the treatment with Aaron, provided if the money is paid.

Aaron said because of continue embarrassment on him by the lady, he always have to take a back road so that the woman will not bother him; which always makes his distance long to come from his house. Which such information, the executives intend to schedule an SOS meeting for Aaron case.
Bro. George said, we want to avoid further embarrassment on our brother Aaron issue. if there is any need for help for him, we will deem it necessary.

A motion was raised by the Chairman for the meeting to be adjourned for the next meeting date and Ms. Henrietta made a motion that the meeting should be adjourned and it was second by our brother Romeo.

Next meeting date is scheduled February 25, 2017.
We had a wonderful closing prayer by Bro. Michael Johnson. We will be more than happy to see our brothers and sisters at the next meeting on the 25th of February 2017.

Micah Younpoweh
(HEARTHS Ghana) #weareHEARTHS#




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