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HEARTHS executive meeting on 01.29.17

Below are the notes and pictures of the HEARTHS executive leaderhip meeting with Micah Younpoweh Romeo C. Kai and George Togbah on Sunday January 29, 2017



The executives of HEARTHS Ghana met yesterday to have an important meeting pertaining to the moving forward of this unique group. The meeting was held at WILLING THE LOST INTERDENOMINATIONAL CHRISTIAN ASSEMBLY in area A, at the former A47 school campus.
The meeting was chaired by Micah Younpoweh, and the agenda of the meeting are as follow:

 Opening prayer……………………… Micah Younpoweh
 Welcome remark ……………………….. Romeo C. Kai
 The way forward (Moving HEARTHS Forward) ………………. Discussion was done by the executives
 Projects……………….. the executives
 Registration and office space…………..the executives
 Business plans…………. The executives
 AOB. …………………… the executives
 Closing prayer………………. Micah Younpoweh.
The meeting begins at 3:30pm by Bro. George Togbah (Chairman), Bro. Romeo C. Kai (Executive Director) and Bro. Micah Younpoweh (Operational Manager) who are leading members of HEARTHS Ghana. The meeting venue was at WILLING THE LOST INTERDENOMINATIONAL CHRISTIAN ASSEMBLY in area A, at the former A47 school campus. The agenda was read by Bro. Micah Younpoweh and Brother George Togbah ask for raise of motion; it was raised by Brother Romeo C. Kai that the agenda read be accepted and used as a working tool for our meeting; and it was second by Brother Micah Younpoweh and immediately followed by opening prayer, welcome remark made by Bro. Romeo who said that we should feel free and discuss issues about how to move HEARTHS Ghana forward.

The question was raised by Bro George, what are some of the things that can be done to move HEARTHS Ghana forward.
We discussed on organizing programs and projects that will greatly involve the youth of HEARTHS Ghana in which they will display their God given talents and skills. We also talk on printing of banner for the group and T-shirts, organizing of Football matches among the youths of the settlement and HEARTHS Ghana members and others. Doing these things will create awareness of HEARTHS Ghana in the Buduburam Refugee Settlement.

The executive deemed it necessary that organizing such activity will create big awareness of HEARTHS Ghana and it will draw the attention of other people and they will be attracted to HEARTHS Ghana and will like to know the important of HEARTHS Ghana.
Other activities that were discussed:
Having a children party in the settlement, where parents or guidance will bring their children to attend HEARTHS Ghana Children party where love and care will be shared with them, and they will be told about the group, and there will also be way to make them be part of the group as well.
We also discussed about organizing inter-school quizzing and spelling contest and football tournament among schools within the settlement.
Registration of HEARTHS Ghana is needed because it will give HEARTHS Ghana the privilege to function and operate effectively in Ghana. Registration of the group HEARTHS Ghana was one of the most key things that were discussed and we made it our priority that we should work as a team to know the process of registering this great and unique organization, HEARTHS Ghana. We are also informed by Bro. shine on the process.
Secondly, the office space will also be important because it will be very easy for our members to locate us easily and we will also be able to get access to our members and those of the members of HEARTHS Ghana that will be in need of help or assistance. We the executives strongly believed after the registration of the group and getting of office space will attract more people in the settlement to HEARTHS Ghana and they will be highly interested in the group. Registration will be a great advantage, because it will make us to operate in Republic of Ghana freely.

As key members and executives of HEARTHS Ghana, we came up with unique businesses that could be done to help HEARTHS Ghana to raise internal fund for this great and unique group. Some of the businesses we consider doing in the Buduburam Settlement are as follow:
 Opening a DESKTOP PUBLISHING SHOP along with computer training in software, hardware, graphics etc. We thought on this because we have some guys in HEARTHS Ghana who had vast experiences in these areas….. The Executive director, the Chairman, and Operational manager are all in ITC (COMPUTING).
 Opening of MOBILE MONEY SHOP, and selling scratch cards of all the networks in Ghana. We also have an executive member who is an agent of MTN Ghana and he is also good at this business. We even have the thought of employing members of the group who will also work along with us in any of the businesses mentioned.
 Opening of WATER DEPORT in the settlement. As we all are aware, water selling is one of the businesses in the settlement that always have customer mainly when it is done on a large scale.
 Opening of chop bar/ cook shop in the settlement is also important. It was also mentioned by our Brother Shine in one of the executives’ chats.
We strongly believed as executive members of HEARTHS Ghana, we will operate with one of these businesses as soon as possible.
AOB is very much important to everybody in HEARTHS Ghana. So as executives, we thought it wise to hold to it until Sunday doing our first general meeting of HEARTHS Ghana in February.

Closing prayer:
Closing prayer was done by Bro. Micah Younpoweh.
We have a blessed and nice discussion about HEARTHS Ghana. We are hoping to see all of our brothers and sisters at the great meeting that will be held next Sunday.
God blessed HEARTHS and we will be very glad that we all be at the meeting.

Micah Younpoweh
Operational Manager


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