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Annoucement of new leadership positions for HEARTHS Ghana

This was written by my dear brother and the  Director Hearths Africa, Lemuel Taylor, aka Shine Shine:


Nearly two months ago, effort to organize the leadership of hearths especially for those members in Ghana was initiated. We met on 13th November, 2016 as leaders in Ghana and set up acting leadership for hearths Ghana. In that meeting, some members were given responsibilities to assist Romeo Kai in the process of implementing hearths objectives in Ghana. Within the period of two months, those given leadership position and responsibilities were ineffective. Therefore, there was a need to restructure the leadership of Hearths Ghana and on 21th January, 2017, I with the permission of Christoph called invited Romeo Kai, George Togbah and Micah Younpoweh to a meeting which I captioned “Top Executives Meeting”. The meeting was successful and leadership structure was put into place.


Know Your Top Executives.
1. Christoph Ebert, founder/CEO, Hearths.
2. Shine Shine, Director/Coordinator,Hearths.

Know Your Top Executives For Hearths Ghana.
1. George Togbah, Chairman Hearths Ghana.
2. Romeo Chaphia Kai, Executive Director Hearths Ghana.
3. Micah Younpoweh, Operational Manager Hearths Ghana.

The above three mentioned top executives are charged with the responsibility to oversee the activities of Hearths Ghana. Specifically, the chairman for Hearths Ghana is the general supervisor for all executive members and members of Hearths Ghana. This means that the Executive Director and Operational Manager will report to him and he will subsequently report to the CEO/ Coordinator of hearths. He is responsible to ensure that the organization in Ghana is managed effectively, make sure the Executive Director and the Operational Manager function properly, represent the organization in Ghana as its spoke person and finally, he is charged with the responsibility to govern and oversee the operation of the organization in Ghana.

The Executive Director will work with the chairman to implement projects that Hearths Ghana will initiate. The Executive Director will supervise the activities of other executives in Hearths Ghana. He will work with other executives to implement projects of the organization in Ghana. He shall coordinate committee the organization may set and ensure that projects are implemented. He shall do other function in consent with the chairman. All other executive members shall report to him and he shall subsequently report to the chairman.

Operational Manager of Hearths Ghana will handle all financial aspects of Hearths Ghana. He is responsible to set strategies to raise funds for Hearths Ghana and be in charge to keep all monies. The financial secretary and welfare director shall directly work with him. All money from sponsor (s) and kind hearted members shall be sent in his name, however, the amount and sent date shall be communicated the chairman and executive director. This is for the purpose for transparency.

Note: It was agreed upon that the top executives of Hearths Ghana will meet again this week to plan better on how they are going to take Hearths Ghana forward. Afterwards, they will organize meeting for members and shall notify members via this medium.

Also, the top executives headed by the chairman will appoint other executive members including, the General Secretary, PRO, Financial Secretary, Welfare Director, etc.

Finally, for members in Ghana, kindly cooperate with the leadership of Hearths Ghana. They have a lots of projects to undertake that will benefit you all.

Let it also be known to all members in Ghana and other countries that Hearths will mainly focus on educational and agricultural activities. We are into capacity building, leadership training and mentorship. I shall continue to update you all in regards to Hearths objectives.

Remember, Christoph Ebert is the Founder/CEO of Hearths.

I would take this opportunity to appreciate him for giving me the opportunity to work in the capacity as Coordinator/Director for Hearths.

Thanks for your attention. Kindly leave comment(s).

Shine Shine, Coordinator/Director Hearths Africa.


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