Welcome to HEARTHS, where our mission and purpose is to HElp African Refugees To Help themSelves

Refugees 4 change workshop


The leadership of HEARTHS in Ghana is headed by Lemuel Taylor, assisted by some key leaders who all agreed to have offline community based projects to inspire, educate and motivate refugees and poor Africans in their own communities about what they can do to help themselves.


Hearths leadership in Ghana will conduct a community workshop on the Buduburam Refugees Camp in Ghana on Saturday, 13th February, 2016.

About 50 participants are expected to attend the workshop.


We greatly believe that after the workshop, the group/ organization members will:

  1. Be encouraged to meet regularly as a group to share ideas, love and care for one another.
  2. Have the correct understanding of the vision and mission of HEARTHS.
  3. Be energized to initiate community based projects which will create change in the community.
  4. Create interest to join and become active in the online community on facebook




Suggested topics for the workshop: Leadership development and ICT training, The impact of community- based projects (A case study in the Buduburam Refugees Camp), The need for effective hygiene in our community.

Activities of the Workshop

  1. Brief history of Hearths
  2. A Speaker will teach about a specific topic
  3. Filling in of membership forms
  4. Providing food and drinks for all members.
  5. Interaction with each other on specific projects.
  6. Taking photos and videos and conducting brief interviews of members and teachers


Budget for the Workshop:

  1. Food ———————————–Ghc 200.00
  2. Drinks  ——————————— Ghc 150.00
  3. Learning Materials ……………………………………………  Ghc 60.00
  4. Hiring of small hall or place for the workshop —-Ghc. 40.00
  5. Hiring of teacher ————————–Ghc 30.00

Total ————————————— Ghc 480.00


To help develop a new sense of community among the poor and struggling refugees in Africa we would like to conduct such a meeting at least twice a month, on the refugee camp in Ghana, but also other parts of Africa such as Liberia, Gambia, Uganda, Cameroon, Sierra Leone and Kenya where we many of our members from our Facebook group are from. If you have a Facebook account then you are invited to join our group here : https://www.facebook.com/groups/helpingafricanrefugees2helpthemselves/


While we have the vision and passion to improve the life of many  refugees and other poor people in Africa, we are faced with challenges in regards to funding. We are therefore appealing to other humanitarians, private philanthropists, organizations and businesses to support our mission so we can effectively help African refugees and other poor people in Africa to help themselves.

Any donation, however small is grealy needed and appreciated, and will be used to fund various community projects to help African refugees to help themselves.




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