Welcome to HEARTHS, where our mission and purpose is to HElp African Refugees To Help themSelves

The mission of HEARThs, explained by Lemuel Taylor


Hi Hearths! Permit me to clarify something assertions earlier made in regards to working together. Working together points out two different ideas. Firstly, it means that we should work in unity. This is possible when we believe the vision of Hearths, understand the concept of Christoph in implementing the vision and collectively share our ideas online, getting to know each other better, and educating each other on what we know. This includes our experiences, skills, knowledge, ability to withstand personal and cooperate challenges, ability to effectively communicate, ect.

Secondly, the idea of working together help us understand that we should work together in our respective countries. This means that every country will have a representative- leader in Hearths. For instance, country like Ghana, Liberia, Gambia, Kenya, just to name a few, will have a leader who will represent members of that country on this platform or for Hearths. The leader would then supervise the activities of those members and report such activities to us via Facebook, Skype, or whatsup.

When the two are satisfactory met, members will then see results as expected by all. LET US ALL WORK TOGETHER. So, it time to present the name of your representative-leader on this forum. We want to work with a team who has a leader.

I will be discussing the topic “Helping People to help themselves”. I guess you have been waiting for such time. Hearths is all about helping people help themselves. What does this means? How can it be applied? What help is needed and what should we do now????? These and many more shall be discussed soon. You too are free to contribute and ask question in regards to the above topic.

I am with the hope most of you will clearly understand Christoph’s concept today. Helping people help themselves is a paramount topic that requires every member to be attentive to the discussion

Welcome to the school of HEARTHS


The topic is divided into two sections, namely, “helping people” and “to help themselves ”

Let deal with the first, “helping people”

Remember, I will concentrate on Christoph’s concept of helping people. What does he means? I will tell you

Christoph’s concept of helping people is simple. His concept focuses on two things: 1. Education 2. Assisting with funds. The misconception many may have is that they prefer the later and ignore the former.

Now let talk about education as in the case of the concept we are discussing

Have u ever heard Christoph pointing our attention to the fact that HEARTHS is a school?

Now get the concept clear

Hearths is not only a fund raising org but a school. A school where every members must be taught how to go about with the daily activities of HEARTHS. Christoph has over the past months called members attention to this reality.

The primary focus of the school of Hearths is to educate members how to work together. This is only possible when we know how to effectively communicate. Communication is the key factor here. Many people have misused numerous opportunities because the lack a ‘good communication skill’. So, Christoph in his attempt to help Africans ‘to help themselves’ firstly intended to educate us.

It is sad to see that many don’t value this concept. They focus on the section that talk about funds. One can effectively manage a project and work with focus when he/she has ideas. Have u heard the statement: “knowledge is power”? Money is not all to it. It takes ideas to make money to circulate and enrich you.

So, Christoph firstly intends to empower us with knowledge which is the power to sustain wealth.

You may ask why is it that Christoph sometimes require that members send pictures and video and comments? The answer is simple!

Those pictures and comments we send and post best explains that we are in the learning process. That’s añ assignment for every members of this unique family

Every good teacher will be happy when his students response to practical and theoretical assignment. So in the case of Christoph. We do assignment for marks or grades and we do not question our teachers about what they do with our ideas shared in our assignments

Let us all develop a learning attitude in here and allow Christoph to teach us, giving us guidelines on what’s to be done and how to do it. Remember, the first section of Christoph’s concept of “Helping people” is to first educate them

The misconception is that many focus on funds and ignore the education aspect

Many in the group have never done project but hope to get money. The knowledge is intended to guide you how to use the money.

The second section of the concept is the aspect of funding. Christoph wants to fund your project with the little he has. He wants u to understand that this is possible when you develop an attitude of learning in the school of hearths, go and initial a small project, share pictures of what u are doing in your community, write story(true life story) of those u work with and post it in the group so we all can see what u are doing

When this is done, you stand the possible chance to win funding for your project

The concept is simple! Those of u that use mobile phones to chat, u can contact Christoph on whatsup! Send your whatsup number here or private Christoph or Jefferson and they will eventually add u to the whatsup page

Thanks ladies and gentlemen for your attention and willingness to learn from the School of HEARTHS.


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