Welcome to HEARTHS, where our mission and purpose is to HElp African Refugees To Help themSelves

HEARTHS meeting on July 8 2017

Written and posted by Peter Conmue Yarkollie of HEARTHS The Meeting began at the hour of 1:55pm. 1.Opening prayer. By Sister Victoria Young. 2. Welcome Remark. By Mr. Fitz Matthews Mr. … Continue reading

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HEARTHS meeting May 13 2017 in Ghana

    AGENDA  Opening prayer…………………………………………………………………………………..  Welcome remark  Reading of past meeting minutes  Self-introduction  Special remark  Launching of HEARTHS GHANA  Opening of bank account … Continue reading

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Liberias struggle before and after the civil war

  Part One: The Long Slide Into Hell Our former president Jimmy Carter tells us that Liberia‟s former “President William Tolbert enjoyed worldwide acceptance as an enlightened Christian layman, having … Continue reading

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    Ghana is the homeland for many refugees, particularly, refugees from Liberia, Sierra Lone and Ivory Coast.  The refugees’ camp in Ghana is commonly known as Buduburam Liberian Refugees … Continue reading

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HEARTHS meeting on the 29th of April

HEARTHS GHANA MEETING REPORT Buduburam Refugee Camp, Gomoa Distract, Central Region, Ghana Saturday, April 29,2017 CALLED TO ORDER BY THE CHAIRMAN MR. GEORGE WILFRED TOGBAH JR. MEETING AGENDA  Opening … Continue reading

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HEARTHS Ghana meeting April 8 2017

  Prepared by: Micah Younpoweh SATURDAY, APRIL 8, 2017 CALLER TO ORDER BY MR. TEX TERRY TARPEH MEETING AGENDA Opening prayers Estella Chea Welcome Remark Romeo C. Kai Self- introduction … Continue reading

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Ghana HEARTHS meeting March 25 2017

  Written by Micah Younpoweh, the operational manager of HEARTHS in Ghana.   Called to order by the chairman (HEARTHS GHANA) Opening Prayer Estella Chea Welcome Remark Tex Terry Tarpeh Self-Introduction … Continue reading

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HEARTHS meeting in Ghana on SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 2017

  The following was written by George Togbah, the Chairman of HEARTHS in Ghana, and Micah Younpoweh, the Operational Manager of HEARTHS in Ghana. MEETING AGENDA ? Called to order the … Continue reading

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Annoucement of new leadership positions for HEARTHS Ghana

This was written by my dear brother and the  Director Hearths Africa, Lemuel Taylor, aka Shine Shine: HEARTHS GHANA MAKES PROGRESS!!! Nearly two months ago, effort to organize the leadership of … Continue reading

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HEARTHS executive meeting on 01.29.17

Below are the notes and pictures of the HEARTHS executive leaderhip meeting with Micah Younpoweh Romeo C. Kai and George Togbah on Sunday January 29, 2017     The executives of … Continue reading

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